Don’t Ever Lose Hope


Election Day is here. In a few short hours I will pack up my girls and head out to vote.

I don’t think I have voted without one kiddo in tow in ten years. Up until this year, the big attraction was the stickers. They wore them as proudly as one from the bank, Target, etc. Like cool little badges. Sometimes they would put them on their favorite stuffed animal or doll when we got home.

This year… is different. There really was no way to fully shield them from the chaos/confusion that this election has been. From the candidates to the media to the general hysteria surrounding it all, it is difficult to explain. There are more questions than answers.

I don’t have the answers for them. Or for me. Or for my country. There really are no words of comfort or clarity. It is so easy to lose hope in times like these where there seems to be so much at stake riding on which box you mark on a piece of paper.

The answers most likely won’t be clear for years to come. They’ll be listed in history books, only partly accurate, with all of the clever analysis of hindsight. But perhaps at that time, those of us who lived it, will be able to finally understand.

Today we cast our vote, mix them all together, and count them. All of us making a very difficult decision with the very best interests of our family and country in mind. As a reward, we’ll get our “I Voted” sticker.

I wonder what the girls will think about their stickers this year? My oldest two in particular. They may be proud of it, or wonder about the results, or maybe they won’t care much at all. When they are grown, will they look on this day as a new beginning or an apocalyptic end as the media portrays it?

We can only hope it’s not as bad as all of that.

Hopefully the winning candidate will be neither as horrid nor devastating as they are portrayed, and this will become another chapter in our country’s history, with both the troubles and successes that come with life.

After we get our stickers, my girls and I will talk about what may happen briefly. We will probably bake something, snuggle together and watch a movie, ready ourselves for school tomorrow. We will pray. We will trust in God. We will hope our vote and the many votes cast today will come together with positive results, whatever that may mean.

We will hope.


😉 Julie


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November 8, 2016 · 1:16 pm

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