Happiness is the Key


There never is a right time for wrong things to happen. Or worse, happen to your children. Events, troubles can happen to them that you cannot undo. And short of following them around with a giant hammer to protect them from anyone who can hurt them whack-a-mole style, you can’t protect them forever. Life, we all go through it similarly but never the same.

Take the seasons: The buds of spring that unfurl with tender fervor and the green that turns a brown-gray world into Technicolor wonder. The sultry blaze of summer that induces relaxation and long days of memories made. Standing on a hilly scape of pumpkins as far as you can see flanked by trees in gold and orange and bronze autumn glory. Winter with its cold and coziness, curls of snow drifting deliciously by with holidays meant to be spent with the ones you love.

But seasons, like life, are ever changing. For you and for your children. How can you help them when trouble arises? When a vicious late summer hurricane comes to them in the middle of spring?

What is done cannot be undone, it cannot be whacked into oblivion. But by opening the lines of communication from knowledge of your seasons, your love for them can be a solid haven through the iniquitous storm.

 Consider that even the darkest and harshest storm will end, and how appreciative we can be when the sun comes blazing back.

I tell my kids that happiness is a choice we make every day. This doesn’t mean that only good things will happen to you, and sometimes other emotions will take over while you deal with life. But ultimately, happiness is the key to embracing all the seasons as they come. From spring’s violet and green gentleness to summer’s sunshine and storms, through autumn’s vivid blaze and to winter’s icy bluster, endure the bad moments to treasure the great ones.

😉 Julie


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October 27, 2016 · 12:12 pm

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