Let Magic Inspire You



What pops into your head when you read that word? A white rabbit? Santa Claus? Hagrid’s charred voice saying, “You’re a wizard, Harry” ?

Chances are, the word alone evokes some thought or emotion. Thesaurus check lists “enchanted, thrilling, powerful, supernatural, exquisite, incantation, mystery, illusion,” among dozens of other alternatives. The actual meaning is a little more obscure, because it is different for all of us.

For children, magic is everywhere. A realm where imagination is the key to limitless possibilities.

Occasionally an instance, a memory, a story, an old object from our youth, can take us back for a moment to that special place. But growing up creates more rules, boundaries, different meanings for magic. Adulthood and the misty area between it and childhood relegates magic to smaller doses, to moments.

Moments which may not have seemed “enchanting” in childhood, but are arguably every bit as magical.

Like seeing my daughters’ boundless imagination and how they care for one another. In church the other day, they just all linked hands for no particular reason at all. It made me smile. And how they had a monster competition, each sketched a monster and the oldest two sewed them out of little scraps of fabric and buttons.

Or when I sit for days typing and deleting passages and suddenly my fingers are flying across the keyboard and the story reveals itself.

When I see random people doing kind things… shaking a police officer’s hand, or a veteran’s, and thanking them for their service. Taking an extra moment to pick up trash instead of leaving it for someone else. One customer sharing a coupon with the person behind them in line.

Painting something new and brightening someone’s day with it. Receiving photos of art in the client’s space.

Running the bridge over the creek in my neighborhood and stopping to see a heron taking wing above a family of otters gamboling in the water.

These very different instances enrich us in small increments which change the bigger picture. They inspire us to appreciate where we are and where have come from, to choose more bravely our future, to live.

There is always magic in the world, sometimes in places unexpected and sometimes before your eyes. Let this magic inspire you and see where it leads.


😉 Julie


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October 11, 2016 · 4:14 pm

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