Create Work You Enjoy


“There is nothing new under the sun.” Sherlock.

If everything has been done before, where does that leave the artists, the writers, the dreamers?

I took my girls to a fall festival in Midway, Kentucky. We saw so many booths filled with crafts, creations, designs, and wares. Countless people come every year to this event and others like it. There was an overall air of merriment and creativity in the picturesque small town in the Bluegrass with the soft breeze of autumn. There were so many unique designs; wind “sculptures” that twirled happily around their serene designer, Christmas ornaments repurposed from old toys in the most lovely way, pumpkins made from boxes and snowmen from palettes, paintings and fudge and bourbon honey lemonade, books, jewelry, fairy gardens, and scarfs…

It was an extraordinary event. All of these items may not have been “new under the sun,” but they certainly sparkled in the sunlight that day. I could see my girls filing away different ideas from all of the creative bliss to be used later in their own designs. It’s always fun to see what rouses the associates, whether it be the holiday décor, the jewelry made from spoons, or how the electrical element of a porch sculpture works.

What a bland world this would be without the inspired people. These dreamers who are bold enough to share their unique perception of the world. To look past the criticisms, the harsh realities, the current trends, beyond the flashing screens of distraction and just create. To listen to the small, singular voice inside… and share it with the world.

Create work you enjoy. Consider that whole civilizations are lost and the only traces left are works created by people no more remarkable than we, but who were brave enough to set their ideas in stone. (Or marble, or clay, or parchment…) Because just as there is nothing “new” under the sun, in the progression of life everything is new once. And you have it in your power to be that “new” for someone, and create an inspiration that may last a lifetime.


😉 Julie


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September 18, 2016 · 7:34 pm

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