Make Your Own Luck

8 Make Your Own Luck


“Have a great time!” “Best Wishes!” “Prayers!” “Good luck!”

All of these expressions have one element alike: their positive expression of good things to come. As easy as it is to be kind to others and give them well wishes, sometimes taking that into consideration for yourself is not so easy.

I’ve always been a dreamer. My imagination led me through lots of difficult times, just picturing the way things would be better “if only…” If only could be anything from winning the lottery (which I didn’t play,) to moving out on my own and making my own choices, to starting a different job, or whatever. I would seriously list out everything that would happen “if only” down to the smallest detail and revisit the daydream when things got tough.

This trait has both held me back and propelled me in life. The holding back was when I really believed that some event, some change in circumstance that was in fate’s hands would make every dream come true just the way I envisioned it. Like “Happily Ever After” in a story or “Safe!” in baseball.

But I was neither living a fairy tale nor playing baseball.

The positive was, that I am still a dreamer. And I have learned how to write my own story. By taking what fate has given me and appreciating it for the unique “luck” that it is. By making it better in small ways each day instead of hoping for some big break. I have found a passion instead of an occupation, several of them. That all fit me better than any job I have ever had. And by working at them diligently every day, I have had some success but more importantly, I am happy.

My daughters are dreamers as well. When I hear them detail their goals: baseball player, art teacher, author, tooth fairy… I smile because at their ages dreams are so much more vivid than when the world interferes with its roadblocks. I smile too, when one of them declares how much easier life will be when she can make her own decisions and be on her own! The truth is, they will find out soon enough that good luck doesn’t come from the sky, or a windfall, or a four-leafed clover. It comes from making it for yourself out of what you already have inside.


😉 Julie


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July 2, 2016 · 11:44 am

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