Write Like Nobody’s Watching

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There are events that I remember vividly in my childhood that astound my family and friends from long ago.

“I had forgotten all about that!” they say in a surprised, reminiscent voice. Their faces grow soft as the memory clouds over them and they relive a glimpse of it, if only for a moment.

The follow-up comment when they snap back to reality ranges from, “You have some freaky memory, girl,” to “How in the world did you think of that after all of this time?!”

The answer is simple. I think I was a writer even before I had the words. Even before I was confident enough to put them on a page and let them take me places I had never been. Little moments, feelings, funny times and sad times and just plain crazy times, all of them special in their own way. A plot twist. An unexpected ending. A new beginning.

Just like a great story.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book!” I have heard countless times. Always, always, I respond, “You should!”

I think all of us are writers in our own way. Just to forge our way through the different events life throws at us, sometimes recalling times past to be able to deal with new situations, to write the next chapter. It’s not always easy. But we are equipped, with the unique episodes that we may have forgotten, to do so.

Writing a story is an empowering thing. It’s not just the words that go on the page, not just the revisions, but how those actions change you and help you grow. It’s amazing when you feel completely lost, drowning in the story that you have created, having to dig through it to salvage the story that is hidden in there somewhere. Or when characters become real. Their happiness is like a beacon to your own, if only for the moments that you are in the story. Their troubles tear at your heart.

These characters that are nothing more than words you dared to put on the page.

I like people and have always been amazed by their stories and the little moments that may not mean much at the time stick in my mind long after. I think everyone is unique and has a story to tell, whether or not they choose to share their words.

Not everyone has read my books. Some people really like them. Some not so much. That’s okay by me. I write like nobody’s watching. And I won’t stop.


😉 Julie


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April 18, 2016 · 5:54 pm

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