Let New Adventures Begin

Let new adventures begin

Being a runner was always something I envied. Back in my timid/angry days I just wanted to understand the look of completion and understanding in a runner’s face… the mysteries of life, the determination, the glow…

…the adventures they must be having.

Even now that I run at least 6 days a week, I am still searching for that understanding. But after 8+ years, this is what I learned.

Running is hard. You won’t want to drag your butt out of bed before everyone else, before the sun is even thinking about rising, before anyone but the paper delivery vehicle and amorous skunks are about. If you haven’t slept or have a cold, if you have been up half the night with a sick baby, it is even harder. The weather is not always perfect. Sometimes it is too hot, too cold, unbearable, stormy, or so windy you fear you will end up blown to Chicago before you finish up. But it shows you that you are capable of more than you may have thought.

Running is brave. It challenges that voice inside of you that chided you and said you could not. That pushed you back into the ranks of the other kids in middle school, high school, college, or beyond, and told you to be quiet and follow along with the crowd. It forces you to listen to yourself. To what you want, and need, to who you are. It helps you forgo what the media or the people around you expect, say, project, and gives you the strength to follow what you truly are meant for.

Running is clarifying. It sheds the embellishments, constraints, and impassible walls. While running, you can break through things that seemed impossible. You can glide through cruel comments that previously held you back, sail through any “no’s” that gave pause to your dreams, find gratefulness in being thankful for what you have, and embrace a future that is among the stars.

So many people balk at running. Bad knees, chest hurting, just can’t stand it. But if you can challenge those doubts in your mind, you too may find adventures in the every day. If you can clear your mind of the “I can’t’s” and challenge and listen to yourself… you can find new adventures to begin.

Just keep a sharp eye out for skunks during the season. They are faster than they look.


😉 Julie


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April 10, 2016 · 10:01 pm

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