The Thick Blue Line

Police Apprciation Week

It’s Police Appreciation Week. Timely as always, in light of recent events. Although, anytime to appreciate the selfless, heroic men and women that consistently put themselves between citizens and danger is a good time, IMO.

As a police wife, I have added insight to the depths of appreciation for police officers. I generally send down cookies or cupcakes to the department and some years, during Police Appreciation week I will have my associates make cards. Some years, I’m sorry to say, this week slips by me. Luckily, the other police wives are AWESOME and with one text and one Facebook message, the men and women of the police department will be incredibly well fed this week.

“Sounds like we’ll be the THICK blue line after this!” my husband joked when I told him about all the delectable meals and treats heading his way.

Each of my girls’ teachers allowed me to give a little speech to the class on The Thin Blue Line, what it meant, and how much we should appreciate the job police officers do. How it was okay to go up to an officer, this week or any week, and thank them for what they do. I told them how police work all of the time, that they are the ones running toward danger when others are running away, that they have to miss their children’s graduations/games/parties sometimes because their job is all of the time. How they never stop protecting people, good people and bad people, and that sometimes they will go home and their wife asking, “How was your day?” is the first nice thing they hear.

Then I invited each of the classes to show their appreciation with art projects I would share with the department.The banner with little hands, a badge thank you with individual, handwritten messages for each officer on the force, and a black cross with a thin blue line down the middle and the verse, “Blessed are the Peacemakers, They Shall be called Children of God” on it. (Each craft was modified from ideas found on Pinterest.)

The kids were so eager to show their appreciation, it seemed like they had been just waiting for the opportunity to do so. And they were so proud of their work. I wish I could see the faces of each of the officers when they see their little badge of thanks, the big bright banner, the lovely cross made of curled paper.

Hopefully the love and excitement that the children put into making these works of art, that the wives and others put into baking, cooking and arranging food, will indeed create a thick blue line. One that others will recognize and give thanks for more than just one week out of the year.

Borrowing my favorite message from the badge of thanks project with the second graders,

“Police, YOU ROCK!”

😉 Julie



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