Expletive Genius


So it was Happy “Noon” Year’s at the hacienda yesterday for my associates and their little friends. (Countdown until noon complete with a surprise confetti-filled balloon drop.) Then after a reasonable munchkin bedtime, my husband and I settled down to watch my favorite NYE movie. (Bc we are old and bedtime at 10pm is strictly observed or we turn into pumpkins.)

“Don’t you just love New Year’s? Everyone gets to start over,” Long Legs Lenore claims in the NYE bar scene in a wistful way.

LOVE Forrest Gump. It’s fiction, sure, but the kind of fiction that you can learn so much from. Forrest Gump is a great example of living life to the fullest; in an uncomplicated, transparent, moral, head-on way. His life is a series of events, some good, some terrible, and in every case he faces each trial with a totally open mind because, well, he doesn’t know any better. He doesn’t overthink things, he just applies the simple principles of doing what is right and accepting life as it comes and people as they are, without judgment or trying to mentally fast forward to predict the consequences of the outcome of his decisions. Forrest’s “shortcomings” become assets, and he is a constant, steady, implacable presence in so many people’s lives. And he continues to reach out and improve the world around him, helping others and bettering his community.

EXPLETIVE GUMP! YOU A EXPLETIVE GENIUS! YOU MUST HAVE A EXPLETIVE IQ OF 160!!” the drill sergeant screams directly in Forrest’s face.

My NY resolution is to strive for that kind of expletive genius in my own life. To not overcomplicate situations, or try to fathom motives of others, or stress over events that don’t turn out how I plan. To embrace my family and friends for who they are and be a steady presence, no matter where life takes them and how great the distance is between us. To accept all of the unique opportunities life presents me, even if they aren’t exactly on the path I have dreamed of. To work as hard as I can, every day, achieving my goals–twice as hard on the days when I don’t sell a single book or painting. To inspire my children, read to them, create with them, love them completely and watch them grow. To reach out to others who are struggling, to be there for those who ask for advice, or just make someone’s day a little brighter paying for their cup of coffee when I can.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for 2015. Happy New Year!!


😉 Julie


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