Open Letter to Police Officers

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So, okay, there are all these super negative posts regarding police officers since the episode in Missouri. Actually, since way before that, and an influx after every single death-by-police officer the media chooses to report on. Judgy, vile, hatred spewed on blog posts and articles on both sides of the fence stating a very vast difference in opinions.

Instead of responding to the negative posts on either side, I am writing an open letter to all police officers.

I’ve got your back.

Not in the sense that I have what it takes to do your job, I’m no hero. Just an average citizen who looks up to you from the sidelines that you fight to keep safe. I appreciate the impossible ramifications of your day to day life which you call a job. The unpredictable, sometimes life-threatening, upholding of laws to give some semblance to the chaos you endure to make my daughters’ and my lives a little more safe. To make sure we are able to sleep at night and dream sweetly. I appreciate your ability to critically assess situations in an instant: split-second decisions for the good of the people you are dealing with even when the people you deal with are not good. How you are running toward a fire/riot/domestic dispute that could prevent you from ever returning home to the family you love when the rest of the world runs away from it. I appreciate how you follow a strict set of rules and conduct yourselves even when you are spat on, condemned, called worthless by the same people that you serve and protect tirelessly. How you are woken out of your sleep in the middle of the night to be thrown into a violent situation, the outcome of which is unknown, at any given hour of any given day, and then show up at roll call without even being able to go home to change out of filthy, sometimes bloodstained clothes, or see your kids off to school, before starting another day of the same. I appreciate how even when you don’t wear the uniform (or a bulletproof vest) you continue to serve and protect the people around you. And though I don’t purport to fathom all of the facets of the necessary, thankless job that you uphold, I appreciate from the bottom of my heart and soul, how you CHOOSE to do all of these things.

Police Officer, I hope you know that although they occur far more often than is widely nationally reported to the extent of a “questionable shooting” of someone attacking a police officer, I mourn every fallen officer and their families. I hope you know that every time I drive past you on a traffic stop I say a little prayer that you make it back to your car safely, and back home to your loved ones safely. Every time. When I hear the media stories critically judging you without any idea what it is that you do each day, or about police being overstocked with weapons and armor and the commentary from anti-police people, I hope you know that I think those stories are thoughtless and ridiculous and bent propaganda at its worst. You deserve to be able to protect yourself and go home to your family each night and day. I appreciate your families, kissing you goodbye each day perhaps having that little prayer in their mind that you make it home safely that bankers, doctors, lawyers, and most other professions don’t require. I hope you know that the videos of you having dance-offs, or playing basketball in the street with kids, or the little extras that you do every day for people because you are YOU and not because you know you are being recorded make me smile, and say another little prayer for you.

I appreciate and revere that you are giving so much of yourself to keep my girls and me safe and secure in the world we live in. Every day/night that my police officer leaves the house for work, I tell him I love him and to stay safe.

I’ve got your back, Police Officer, stay safe.

😉 Julie


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